Amazon SQS Trigger Node

The Amazon SQS Trigger will trigger a workflow whenever an integration receives an Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) message.

Amazon SQS Trigger

Node Properties

Amazon SQS Integration

The Amazon SQS Trigger has one configuration field: the integration from which it is triggered.


The payload will include the triggering message in the data field. In the general case, an Amazon SQS workflow payload will look like the following:

    "applicationId": "555555555555eeeeeeeeeeee",
    "applicationName": "My Great Application",
    "data": {
      "message": "example sqs message",
      "messageId": "2cf8c156-f944-4869-bd94-2416ef922806",
      "messageAttributes": {
        "firstKey": { "value": 2, "dataType": "Number" },
        "secondKey": { "value": "myValue", "dataType": "String" }
      "systemAttributes": {
        "ApproximateFirstReceiveTimestamp": "",
        "ApproximateReceiveCount": "1",
        "MessageDeduplicationId": "1c7e43749a6f7899c57dcd177a03146c",
        "MessageGroupId": "myGroupId",
        "SenderId": "senderId",
        "SentTimestamp": "1658415599860",
        "SequenceNumber": 12345
    "flowId": "333333333333cccccccccccc",
    "flowName": "My Great Workflow",
    "flowVersion": "myFlowVersion",
    "globals": {
      "aJsonGlobal": {
        "key": "value"
      "aNumberGlobal": 42,
      "aStringGlobal": "My value"
    "relayId": "<id of the integration>",
    "relayType": "integration",
    "triggerId": "<id of the integration>",
    "triggerType": "integration"