Table: Delete Rows Node

The Data Table: Delete Rows Node allows a workflow to delete one or more existing rows from a Data Table inside the current application.

Table Delete Rows Node


The node has three configuration sections - the data table from which to delete the rows, defining what rows to delete, and a payload path for storing the result of the deletion.

Table Delete Rows Node Config

There are two options for defining what rows to delete:

  • Row ID Template: Allows deletion of a single row based on row ID. The row ID field is templatable, and so supports finding a row based on the current workflow payload. The example above is doing exactly that, and is referencing the field data.body.rowId on the workflow payload.
  • Query Template: Allows building an advanced query using a JSON template. Rows that match the query will be deleted.

Table Delete Rows Node Query

Optionally, the node also takes a payload path to store the result of the deletion. If the node successfully found and deleted rows, an object of the form { result: true, count: <count> } will be placed at the payload path, where count is the number of rows deleted. If there was an error, the value at the payload path will be an error object. In the example above, this value will be placed at data.deletionResult.

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