ApplicationExperienceEdge 1.0.0

Random Number Node

The Random Number Node generates a random integer within a range of your choosing.

Random Number Node


The node takes three parameters, all of which are required.

Minimum Value and Maximum Value are each a number or a string template resolving to a numerical value on your payload. The randomly generated number is inclusive of the defined minimum and maximum values; for example, if 0 is set as the minimum value, then 0 is a possible output from the node.

The Result Path is a payload path stipulating where on the payload the resulting number should be stored.

Node Failure Cases

If the node fails to generate a random number, the result stored on the payload at the result path will be null. There are a few of cases where this could occur, most likely when using a string template to reference a value within the payload:

  • The minimum or maximum value is not a number. The node attempts to type the value to a number (for example, a string of "1" will type to the number 1) but if that fails, the number generator will return null.
  • The minimum value is greater than the maximum value. It is, of course, impossible to find a random number in that case.
  • There are no integers between the minimum and maximum values. For example, if a minimum value of 1.3 and a maximum value of 1.9 are passed, the node will return null because there is no possible random integer between the two values.